About Northern Disconent
Welcome to Northern Discontent's website! We are a newly formed raiding guild on Area-52 who has their eyes on completing Mythic content at a competitive pace while keeping actual raid times to a minimum. We strive to set the standard for raiding, and believe that there is more to a player than just their Item Level. We are flat out rude, obscene, profane, and very much rated R, so 18+ only need apply. We believe that having fun while clearing content is the key factor to being successful in WoW.
Guild News

Heroic Xavius is down!

by KaylaKaotik, 5 days ago

Congratulations guys! We've cleared Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Twenty of our finest guildies knocked Xavius down on our 11th pull. Hell yes! Let's kick some ass in Mythic next week.

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